Mergers & Acquisitions

Expert Solutions For Every Stage in Your Business’ Lifecycle

Sell Side

More than a deal

BlueSky offers service and support that goes beyond simply managing your ‘deal’.  As business owners and key executives we understand that while the fundamentals of a business transaction are critical, there are other elements to consider.

Our service model allows us to allocate significant Managing Director involvement with each client to ensure the highest level of service and to allow you to rest assured that you are well advised through each step of the process.

At our core we believe that our successful firm is a byproduct of your success.  This is why we aim to curate long-term, robust relationships with business owners regardless of where they are in the business sale process.

A Unique Perspective on the M&A Process

Our sell side M&A advisory process takes into consideration both your need to maximize business value and your other, often personal priorities. As your M&A advisor BlueSky will closely manage your business sale process from very early on the process and often continue to work with clients on future projects or post exit opportunities.

The complexities of the business sale process require a diverse skill set that ranges from process management and financial oversight to complex negotiations. We understand that flexibility in our approach and process give our clients more freedom to do what is right for their particular needs.

Here is how our process is different:

  • Empathy First

    We take a personal, empathetic approach that puts our clients phycological and emotional state center state. After all, the business sale process is complex and often challenging.

  • Mutual Fit

    We are not retainer chasers. We look to align with a small number of business owners who can align around our mutual success. We put long term fit over immidiate gain.

  • Principal Managed

    Many firms rely on a slew of junior analysts and even interns. Not BlueSky. When we engage you work with the principal fully accountable for your process, soup to nuts.

Buy Side

High Touch. Broad Reach.

BlueSky has a rich history of helping business owners and professional investors grow through acquisition or find their next platform investment. Buying the right company at the right time can significantly impact future success and returns. Our team limits buy side engagement volume to ensure that we can deliver a focused, quality effort in support of your buy side needs.

Flexible Engagements for Buyers of All Types

With a flexible engagement model we support both success only and specific retained buy side search functions. When it comes to growing through acquisition, many middle market companies are resource slim. Tapping into our capacity and expertise allows our buy side clients the benefit of years of experience while allowing them to continue to focus on their core business. It is our job to ensure that the resources you commit to the acquisition process are spent wisely. Need dependent we can act as simple finders or full integrate into your acquisition process to handle the transaction soup to nuts.

Growth Capital

Can your company afford to grow?

So often, great companies simply can’t afford to grow due to lack of resources. BlueSky has relationships with a significant pool of capital providers including: commercial banks, private equity investors, angel and high net worth investors, mezzanine lenders, venture funds and other alternative credit providers.

Consider leveraging capital to build bigger, better, businesses with:

Growth Capital

Working Capital

Debt Allocation