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The Blue Sky Business Resources Business Optimization Process is designed as a series of discrete projects which will provide a specific, measurable, incremental improvement in the overall organization. Each discrete project will consist of three functional elements: foundational assessment, strategic planning, and the project management/implementation cycle.


The assessment will serve to provide a granular review of the opportunity zone to pinpoint gaps in organizational perception, operational inefficiencies, and external threats.

Strategic Planning & Cultural Underpinnings:

  • Strategic Plan Creation
  • Personnel Analyzer
  • Accountability Chart
  • Identify Top Three Critical Opportunities


The strategic planning and cultural underpinnings phase serves the dual purpose of prioritizing opportunities against the long-term vision for the organization and laying the groundwork for the team to support durable change.

Generate a Project Charter:

  • Team Formation
  • Define Scope
  • Define Project


The implementation phase describes the multi-iterative process for addressing opportunities in a uniform and consistent manner as prescribed by the strategic plan.

Managing the project according to the charter:

  • Resource Management
  • Project Task/KPI Monitoring
  • Risk Monitoring and Mitigation
  • Phase Gate Reviews
  • Regular-Interval Project Report Dissemination