A Unique Perspective on the M&A Process

As your full-service advisory partner, Blue Sky can help you ensure the success of your M&A transaction before it becomes part of your strategic plan.  By supporting business optimization, M&A strategy, transaction process management, and post-transaction integration services Blue Sky can help you grow through acquisition as well as achieve a better exit.

The Blue Sky Business Resources Mergers & Acquisitions division is comprised of highly accredited advisors dedicated to maximizing value and successful outcomes for business owners. With buy-side and sell-side services, our team is capable of fulfilling a wide range of M&A Services.

Sell Side

Preparation is key to success

Our sell-side Mergers & Acquisitions advisory process takes into consideration both your need to maximize business value and your other, often personal priorities. The complexities of the business sale process require a diverse skill set that ranges from process management and financial oversight to complex negotiations. We understand that flexibility in our approach and processes give you more freedom to do what is right for your particular needs.

Plan ahead. Avoid delays.

A sale doesn’t end at the closing table. Our experts understand all the moving parts that have to be addressed in order to achieve success in your sell-side merger.

  • Owner transition period
  • Earn outs
  • Seller notes
  • Leases
  • Working capital reconciliation
  • Reps and warrants
  • Cultural integration

Buy Side

High Touch. Broad Reach.

Blue Sky is founded on a philosophy of helping business owners and professional investors grow through acquisition or find their next platform investment. Buying the right company at the right time and for the right price can significantly impact future success and returns. Our team limits buy-side engagement volume to ensure that we can deliver a focused, quality effort in support of your buyer side needs.

Flexible Engagements for Buyers of All Types

Our flexible engagement model allows us to tap into our capacity and expertise that gives you the benefit of years of experience while allowing you to continue to focus on your core business. It is our job to ensure that the resources you commit to the acquisition process are spent wisely. Depending on your needs we can act as simple finders or fully manage your acquisition process to handle the transaction start to finish.